Tuesday, August 19, 2008

g11 works (2)

"Enviro-art : The chess 1"
"The blend"
"Korean culture" "The mermaid"
"Enviro-art : The chess 2"

"Social and political issues : 1988" (from the top)

g11 works (1)

"The flow"
"My self"

"Enviro-art:-Noise pollution1"
"Enviro-art : Noise pollution2"
"Culture" (from the top)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Mermaid" and "We are what we eat"


 These are the pieces that I did last year in LIST. First one is the original piece, and the others are images that I changed the original piece in the photoshop. I drew this on the canvas(size is about 64 x 38) with acrylic colours.


"We are what we eat"
 These are also the work that I did last year. I drew about the relationship between chicken and human. I only used pencil, and a scale of work is very small. Although the original piece wasn't coloured, I could have changed the colour in the photoshop.

 From these work, I learned how to use photoshop to make a various effects. When we work in the photoshop and change the image, we feel in a different way even the original pieces are the same.


 This is my final piece for "Myself". I used pastels and colour pencils for this. I drew my portrait in the middle. I change right side of my face to the colour purple, because I like purple and wanted to show that people see me in different ways. Some people only see my some parts of my whole character. I didn't draw a strong line for the edge of my face. I wanted to show that I have strong identity, but my characteristic sometimes change by other things.

 In the right edges, I drew my hair and some shapes. I made my hair entangled, because I wanted to show my feelings are mixed and complicated. The shapes are also expressed my feelings: sad, happy, nervous, etc. The colours also shows that I'm from Korea(red and blue in the flag), and that I like purple. Purple is the mixture colour of red and blue.

 In the left edges I draw a couple and some lines. These shows my favorite. I love movies with any kind of genres. A couple is for romance movie, and the lines which shows movement is for action movies.

 It was quite hard to work with pastels, because it easily change the texture, when everytime I smoosh it. But the work was fun and I like it. It would be better if I drew the face to make it feel strong and drew some details about the couple.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nam June Paik

 This is Nam June Paik(백남준). He is one of my favorite korean artists. He worked with a variety of media and is considered to be the first video artist.

 These pictures are some of the productions that he made.
 The work in the left is his last production, called "Omma". "Omma" is a Korean word which means mommy. In the video, three sisters are playing and calling their mom anxiously. He covered the video monitor with a traditional Korean man's overcoat which is called, "doorumagi".          
Information about Nam June Paik
-Nam June Paik Studio

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the box

 This is the art work that I did before I took IB. This was the piece for the IGCSE exam that I took last year. The topic was "In the box". My topic based on this was a bride and a groom. I wanted to draw that the bride is trying to open the box that the groom is holding. There's feelings, fearness and weakness in the box, that he doesn't want to show his bride.
I painted the main figures with paints after took this picture. I wanted to know how the backgrounds work with watercolour pencils. I like to work with water colours rather than paints.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Why IB art ?

 This year, I started IB course in PTIS. I have to take 6 subjects, and one of the subjects is Art.
The reason why I'm taking art is that I like to create something and like to draw pictures. I'd considered to do interior design after graduating from highschool. But now, I'm thinking about many other things that I can do. IB makes me think more about my future. I can try various kind of materials and think more creatively.

IB art works